Splashtop Remote Access Is Now Embedded Within Addigy’s Apple Device Management Platform – GlobeNewswire

Splashtop Remote Access Is Now Embedded Within Addigy’s Apple Device Management Platform – GlobeNewswire

SAN JOSE, Calif, July 21, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Splashtop, a leader in next-generation remote access and remote support software, and Addigy, provider of the leading cloud-based Apple device management platform, today announced that Splashtop is now the exclusive default remote support solution included as part of Addigy subscriptions. As a result, Addigy users gain instant, easy and Apple-optimized remote access to the Apple devices they manage.

With this bundle agreement, businesses, managed service providers (MSPs) and educational institutions can automatically leverage Splashtop remote access from within Addigy to manage their Apple devices, including Mac computers, iPad tablets and iPhone smartphones. With Splashtop remote access instantly available, technicians and admins using Addigy can troubleshoot and resolve issues much faster, providing prompt technical assistance to users whenever and wherever required.

“Splashtop delivers high-performance remote sessions across all platforms, including Apple’s,” said Mark Lee, CEO and co-founder of Splashtop. “Bundling Splashtop with the Addigy Apple device management platform is a valuable addition to an IT technician’s tool kit, especially as increased remote work is boosting the number of Apple computers, smartphones and tablets that need to be managed within both small business and larger enterprise environments.”

With Splashtop now included in their Addigy subscription, technicians and admins can:

  • Gain secure, high-performance, one-click remote access to managed computers from within their Addigy console, even without an end user present.
  • Access in-session features such as file transfer, remote print, chat and more.
  • Automatically log remote access sessions within Addigy.

“Addigy’s core focus is to amplify productivity and efficiency for Apple users, and this partnership with Splashtop is a big step in that direction,” said Jason Dettbarn, CEO and founder of Addigy. “Addigy technicians can now manage and control their Apple devices remotely as easily as they would in person—quickly addressing their end users’ issues and ensuring their computers are up-to-date and running in optimal condition.”

“We use Addigy to manage several hundred of the Macs in our fleet,” said Tim Pearson, principal of CreativeTechs. “We have always needed to have remote control of our devices. In the past, we used four different methods that we can run at the same time, so if something didn’t work, such as VPN being down, we can switch from one tool to another. But in the last couple of years, we’ve narrowed it down to using Splashtop and Addigy. They’ve been extremely helpful in our device management. 

It’s going to be really handy to have a one-click Splashtop integration when we’re already in the Addigy platform. When I’m checking and managing devices, and need to take control over someone’s screen or I need to see what they are doing, being able to do that via the Splashtop interface will be fantastic. It’s very exciting!” 

The integration was tested extensively for the last five weeks in beta, and is now launched for all users.  Visit  https://www.splashtop……..

Source: https://www.globenewswire.com/news-release/2021/07/21/2266590/0/en/Splashtop-Remote-Access-Is-Now-Embedded-Within-Addigy-s-Apple-Device-Management-Platform.html

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